If you are wondering what a single DWI conviction can cost a driver up to? You must know that it can cost you a large amount of money. Just a first-time 4th-degree conviction can have a fine of up to $1000 and if there are aggravating circumstances added in, you would not have a cent left to your name.

Laws against drunk driving vary somewhat from state to state, but a person’s first DWI charge results in a suspension of the person’s license. The length of the suspension can vary from 45 days right up to a year. In some states, the person may also be required to forfeit their vehicle.

There are many people who lose their license but who still need to drive. However, you can get driving privileges by agreeing to have an ignition interlock program. A single DWI conviction can cost a drive up to a large sum because this device too is fairly costly and it can set you back about $125 a month. You would not be able to start your car if the device detects that you have been drinking.

What can a DWI conviction means

Lots of Costs – and they all Add Up

A conviction of driving a car while intoxicated can be very costly and a single DWI conviction can cost a driver up to a small fortune, after all you have also got to count in the costs of court fines.

Not only that, people not really even related to your DWI, such as your car insurance company, will also raise their premium rates after you have a DWI conviction to your name. If you look on some personal finance websites, you will see that once you have got a DWI conviction against your name, you can expect your annual insurance rate to go out more than 60%.

Minnesota has 4 DWI Offences

The costs of getting a DUI vary from state to state. In Minnesota, there are 4 DWI or Driving while Intoxicated offenses – first degree-, second degree-, third degree- and fourth degree DWI. With each of these offenses, you will find different kinds of penalties.

Each offense carries a different set of penalties, but each one can result in jail time, lots of fines, license suspension and a mark on your driving record.  The fees that you’ll be paying don’t only have to do with the actual fine, although the average cost for a first-time DWI can set you back $10,000.

A single DWI conviction can cost a driver up to a large amount as there are things such as towing fees, impound fees, license reinstatement fees, increased insurance premiums and more.

If you do land up in jail, then you have to think of bail too. Who will have the money to bail you out? Usually, first-time offenders are released on their own recognizance, but if the person has got a prior history of DWIs, bail can be in the region of $12,000. Do you know of someone who is willing to pay such a sum for you?

Some of the other costs are not small either. For instance, to have your car towed away can cost between $100 to $200 in towing fees and then there is a cost of about $320 for filing fees if you want to challenge the suspension of your license.

It really doesn’t matter where a person is arrested for a DWI offense, because it is all the same – they can expect huge financial obligations, and if they lose their job at the same time, then what?

Your emotional stress may be so great that you may even require medical assistance and the expenses just become one huge vicious circle. Just where is all the money going to come from, and to think you’ve got all this terrible anguish piled on you all because you decided to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Saying goodbye to it all

This is by no means all and there are quite a few other costs you can add in. Because the cost of a single DWI conviction can cost a driver up to a huge amount and for other reasons too, so it is best to get a DWI Defense Lawyer on your side.

Saying goodbye to all that money, saying goodbye to your license and saying goodbye to your reputation can take weeks, months, and years to restore again. Roping in the services of an experienced, reputable St Paul lawyer is possibly the wisest move you can make.

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