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Whether you’re innocent or guilty, being arrested for DUI can have far reaching implications than you could ever imagine. History has shown that DUI cases are highly unpredictable leaving room for a lot to go wrong. 

The District Attorney has a simple task, to prove that your blood alcohol level was above the legal limit while driving thus impairing your judgment. Conviction in such cases can result in paying hefty fines to having a criminal record. Such verdicts not only impact yourself but those around you. Securing employment with a criminal record can affect one’s livelihood and create concerns for the dependents. Sometimes with these cases, you might even lose your driving privileges. These are some of the minor reasons why you should consider consulting with experienced DUI defense lawyers. 

DUI, according to the current law, falls on a sensitive spectrum. The case decision can swing both ways. If you feel like you were perfectly capable of driving or that you had not consumed any alcohol but had taken prescription medications that impaired your driving, an experienced lawyer at ST Paul’s DUI Attorney will not only work tirelessly to protect your legal rights but also ensure that your future and freedom is secure. Our lawyers have substantial experience with a proven track record of defending their clients in DUI cases by using legal parameters to work to your advantage.

A prosecutor only needs to know that you could not “walk the line” properly or that you were driving haphazardly or that you were simply arrested by the police under suspicion of DUI. However, qualified and experienced lawyers at ST PAUL’s DUI Attorney understand that breath tests, blood alcohol levels, blood tests and many others are not always accurate. Results with these testing start to vary if the equipment is not functioning properly or that the test was not conducted in the right manner. Attorneys at St Paul’s are experts in using weaknesses in the law to their client’s advantage.

If you’re arrested for DUI and it’s not your first time, then the consequences could be more harsh. A lawyer, in this case, has a primary objective of getting all the charges against you dismissed or minimized thus reducing the negative impact caused on your life. With a competent and aggressive attorney, the odds of getting out without a punishment increase substantially giving you a second chance at living a normal life. 

Consequences become more severe if you were arrested under the influence of alcohol or other illegal substances and were charged with overspeeding, careless driving, accidents and more. This impacts the verdict you may receive in terms of increased fines, more jail time, suspension of license for a longer period of time and more. 

Hiring a skilled St Paul DUI attorney who has all the knowledge of the laws and the right contacts with judges and prosecutors can help negotiate a lighter sentence. If the matter gets worse and things get dragged to court, don’t worry, our attorney will build a strong defense strategy to ensure that you and your rights are protected at all costs. 

You don’t need an attorney to simply get you a plea bargain but a lawyer who will work tirelessly to secure the best outcome possible. Everyone deserves a second chance in life if they’re guilty and if they’re innocent they deserve a break. Whatever situation applies to you, never go in a DUI case without an experienced lawyer to support you. Let St Paul DUI Attorney take care of you.