Can you get a DUI on a horse? While drunk and riding a horse in some states, chances are you would be accused of DUI!

Anyhow, some states use DUI laws for motor vehicles where horse riding isn’t under these statutes.

Hence, if you decide to ride the horse being drunk, we suggest you check out your state’s rules and regulations.

Even though some states have DUI only for motor vehicles, that doesn’t mean you should drink and ride. Riding on a horse after drinking one or two beers could lead to serious trouble.

In this guide, we will discuss the fact that you guys always wanted to know “can you get a DUI on a horse?”

Can You Get A DUI On A Horse – Things You Need To Know

Is It Illegal Riding A Horse?

Can You Get A DUI On A Horse

A police officer can stop you if he suspects you are an alcoholic. He may ask you a few questions according to the law of your state. Additionally, he can use a breathalyzer to screen the alcohol level in your blood.

If the alcohol level in your blood is more than the limits placed by the law of your state, then you can get charged for it. After drinking, handling a horse is not illegal in some states. Still, you may be blamed for your behavior.

One example of dangerous behavior is riding a horse on a busy street after having alcohol. That’s because this may lead to fatal accidents. Even if your state does not have any law for this, that doesn’t mean you won’t be accused of your behavior.

If you disobey any order, then the police can charge you.

Can You Be Arrested For Riding A Horse While Drinking?

Can You Be Arrested For Riding A Horse While Drinking

It may seem ridiculous to you to be charged for DUI riding on a horse. But this is very common in the states where horses are also used as transportation.

However, the DUI law applies in most states to golf carts, cars, and bicycles. Also, after having alcohol, riding a boat or operating a jet ski is illegal in most states. And this could lead to serious consequences.

Since the horse is not a road or water-based vehicle, you may not be specifically charged for riding on it while drunk. But, at the same time, your behavior may lead to serious charges.

States On Where Can You Get A DUI On A Horse?

In the United States, DUI allegations are limited to some states for motor vehicles. And in most areas, riding a horse is not common transportation. So, nowadays, you won’t find as many horses in the streets as you see other vehicles.

Yet, in some states riding a horse being drunk is not legal. For example, you can be in great trouble if you are riding a horse intoxicated in California, Kentucky, or Florida.

According to Florida’s DUI statutes, a vehicle is any device used to carry people or property on a highway. Therefore, according to the state’s definition, you may receive a DUI when operating an ATV, bicycle, golf cart, or horse drunk.

On the other hand, people riding an animal on the streets or highways in California are liable to the state’s DUI laws and the Vehicle Code Section.

Whereas in Kentucky, riding a horse is very common. So, according to the DUI law, he/she will be charged if anyone is drunk and riding a horse.

However, when a person is drunk and riding a horse, it’s considered a crime in those states. And a person even might end up going to jail, which depends on the case.

Besides, you can ride horses in some states when you are drunk, as the DUI laws of those states are only limited to motor vehicles.

For instance, states like Montana, Wyoming, or Louisiana do not have strict laws for riding a horse while you are under the influence. Therefore, the residents can ride the horse without hesitation of a DUI charge. So, if you are thinking “can you get a DUI on a horse”, then hopefully, you’ve got your answer.

What To Do If You Get Charged For DUI On A Horse?

Charged For DUI On A Horse

So, what should you do if you get charged for a DUI on a horse? Well, you need to seek help from a lawyer asap.

Generally, DUI is a serious charge, so you should consult a lawyer who will advise you to defend the case for you. You can also submit a plea bargain to lower your charge if the alcohol level in your blood is not more than the legal limit.

For your lawyer, it is very common to argue for you and try to prove that the horse was taking you to the route. That means he would try to prove that you drink a little.

So, you won’t be accused of a driving-under-the-influence charge since you were not the driver here. Instead, the defense will argue for you to reduce the costs.

But there is no guarantee that the defense will prevail in court, but the lawyer will try to get the district attorney to agree to a plea bargain.

Can You Get A DUI On A Horse: Driving A Horse And A Buggy Drunk

horse riding

Driving the horse being drunk in most states may lead you to a slap on the hand but for others who are riding on horseback, it is perfectly fine.

Yet, driving the horse and buggy drunk is illegal in almost every state of the USA. Usually, buggies do not have a motor; of course, these are not cars. Still, in some states in the USA, these are categorized as road vehicles.

So, riding the horse after drinking is a serious offense. This could lead to a fatal accident, and the chances are increased when you drink.

That’s why it would be best to leave the horse and the carriage back if you have taken too many drinks. Or else the police can catch you and put you in serious trouble that you do not want to face, right?

Can You Get A DUI On A Horse? – Final Thought

Many states do not consider horses as vehicles in the United States, so DUI may not fall into this category. Still, the police may file a case against you.

Also, riding a horse intoxicated can lead to a severe accident. That’s why it would be best for you to know the laws of your state. So, this was all about whether can you get a DUI on a horse or not.

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