Like how everything has an expiry, so does a driving license and you are required to renew your driving license after it has expired to be able to drive your vehicle on the road. Driving a vehicle with an expired driving license could have you looking at serious fines. Renewing your driving license varies according to the state you reside in. If you’re in Texas and looking for information on how to apply for a Texas driver license renewal then you have a couple of ways you can renew your driving license.

There are four ways you can go about a Texas driving license renewal and they are either online, through a call, sending in a request via mail, or even visiting the local DMV representative for a quick renewal. There are however certain protocols that you need to follow to apply for a Texas driver license renewal.

How to apply for a Texas driver license renewal

How to apply for a Texas driver license

As we mentioned earlier that there are a couple of ways you can go about applying for Texas driver license renewal however the requirements or the process of it varies.

Use their online portal or ring them up

Many people prefer to apply for a Texas driver’s license renewal from the comfort of their homes. So what are some of the requirements for applying online or via a phone call?

Well, for starters you should have renewed your Texas driving license in person at the DMV the last time it had gotten expired. If you haven’t done that, then you are not able to apply online or via a phone call.

You should also know that only certain classes of driving license can be renewed online or through a phone call. So, if you have class C, M, or even a CM driver’s license then you’re in luck and can apply online. However, if you have any other class of driver’s license besides the ones mentioned then you can not renew it online.

Another condition laid for applying online is that you should be within the two-year bracket that is either your license has two years left on it or it has been expired for less than two years. Any other timeframe and consider your chances of applying online nill.

Then there is the age condition. This condition dictates that you need to be above the age of 18 years or have had a license before applying for a renewal. If you have a learner’s license then you can not apply for a renewal in general. If you’re above the age of 79, the chances of renewing your license online or via phone become slim.

Some other conditions that you must fulfill to apply online are to be a United States citizen, already submitted your social security number when first applying for a license, and have your recently issued license with you.

Sending in a mail

You may be wondering if anybody even sends mail these days, however, if you’re one of those people then don’t worry. If you qualify for applying for a Texas driver license renewal via mail then you would receive an invitation letter with a form before your license expiring. Simply follow the instructions that are laid in the form and you should be good to go. However, if you don’t qualify for applying via mail then you need to look at other options.

Apply in person

Apply in person

If there is an option to apply online or via phone call then you may find that many will not prefer going in-person to apply. However, there may be a situation where you are not eligible for a driver’s license renewal through the online platform or via a phone call. In such situations, your only option remains to apply in-person.

To apply in-person, you would need to have the following documents either in original or a certified copy.

  1. The renewal form
  2. Document to prove that you are a US citizen (Birth certificate)
  3. Document to prove your identity (Passport or ID card will do)
  4. Document to prove your lawful presence in the country (Employment authorization card, US passport card, and more)
  5. Social security card

Make sure you arrange all these documents before making an appointment. Yes, you need to make an appointment so if you’ve got all your documents compiled, ring the local DMV to get a date for a visit. Once you’re there, they will collect the documents from you and ask you to clear the vision exam and provide thumbprints. You will also need to have your picture taken. When the process is completed, you will have to pay the application fee.

Frequently asked questions

What if my license has been expired for more than two years?

If it has been more than two years since your driving license expired then you would need to apply for a new driver’s license. You can not apply for a renewal and would need to visit in person your local DMV to apply as a new applicant.

What if I am older than the age of 79?

What if I am older than the age of 79

If you’re older than 79 years of age, you would need to go and apply in person for a Texas driver license renewal. This is because driving at an old age can pose certain risks to drivers on the road and therefore you would need to clear a couple of tests that would determine whether or not you are eligible for license renewal. Medical history information and clearing a vision test are important to secure your license renewal. We recommend applying for driver’s courses for older citizens. This will ensure that you have enough practice to clear the eligibility requirements for a Texas driver license renewal for citizens above the age of 79. There are a few organizations that conduct such courses for senior citizens and these organizations also provide a free assessment if you’re not feeling too confident in your driving ability. If you’re interested in reaching out to these organizations then you can contact NSA (National Safety Council), the Texas department of state health services, and even the AARP, which has a smart driver online course that can help you reduce your insurance costs if you successfully pass the course.

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