Minnesota DUI law is complicated and does you get arrested for DUI will depend on each case, but if you have been arrested for driving under the influence, your best course of action is to talk to a lawyer.

Alcohol slows your reaction times and can make you see double. People in a celebratory mood know the answer to ‘do you get arrested for DUI’ but they often choose to ignore the signs of over-indulgence. They reach out for another bottle of beer.

Being arrested depends on each case

Being arrested depends on each case

Impaired driving continues to be a significant issue in Minnesota, and maybe it’s because the laws aren’t strict enough. Do you get arrested for DUI needs to be a certain ‘yes’ instead of it depending on each case?

The risks of driving while under the influence don’t just affect the drunk driver, because often there are passengers and other innocent drivers involved in a collision. There are laws in place to control driving while under the influence, and these laws can lead to arrests.

Arrests can lead to the suspension of your license, jail time, and fines. If the police do conclude that there is probable cause to arrest you, you could see yourself be taken to the local police station. Police will cite you for the offense and you stay in jail till someone bails you out

Most people in Minnesota know that being over the legal limit in St Paul, Minnesota, and getting into their car to drive home is a crime. They know that doing so can turn their happy moments into an ongoing nightmare. In the twinkling of an eye, a person’s life can be changed forever.

In the state of Minnesota, if you have a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or more it means that you shouldn’t be behind the wheel. Knowing that driving while under the influence impairs your driving abilities should make people think twice before starting up their car’s engine.

Don’t they know that their joyride can turn into their worst nightmare if they lose control of their car and kill or injure someone?

Do you get arrested for DUI?

Just at the beginning of 2020, the Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety stated that the year had scarcely started and that there were already 276 arrests over the weekend. So the answer to the question ‘do you get arrested for DUI’ is yet, you do, but it seems it may not be enough to stop people drinking and driving and causing havoc on the roads for innocent people.

Traffic officers know all the signs of DUI

Traffic officers know all the signs of DUI

If there is a traffic-stop set-up in St Paul, Minnesota, the officer can already see, in pulling a driver over, whether there is every chance that the driver is intoxicated.

The driver usually pulls over in an aggressive, erratic kind of way and the officer can see the signs of impairment.  If the officer detects the signs of drunkenness, they question the driver and document the responses.

The driver will also have to get out of the vehicle but they don’t have to agree to a sobriety test. In Minnesota, as in all the other states, there are what is known as implied consent laws that require arrested motorists to have chemical testing.

Refusing this can lead to fines and license suspension. Refusing the tests will see you heading to the police station where you are read your Miranda rights. The intoxicated driver will be given a breathalyzer test or asked for a blood- or urine sample, which can’t be refused. Refusing will just pile on more penalties.

First-timers for DUI get off more lightly

First-timers for DUI get off more lightly

As a first-time offender in Minnesota, you may well be released but you could be taken into custody. You may be held for a bail hearing before a judge. After the bail hearing, will someone bail you out? Otherwise, you will stay there till you are bailed out.

Most DUI cases in Minnesota are sorted before they go to trial. If it does go to trial, at the end of the hearing, you will hear your verdict. If you are found to be guilty, the Judge will hand down a sentence.

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence in Minnesota, you should be in touch with a Minnesota lawyer because they will at least investigate your case and try to work out something better for you so that your life isn’t entirely wrecked.

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