Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol not only risks life or causes serious injuries, but it may also charge you a considerable amount. The driver can face the loss of his driver’s license, a massive amount in penalties and fines, and even jail time. In this writing, I will share some horrifying driving under the influence stories depicting how negligence can change your life forever.

Driving under the influence stories

Here is some dramatically defined driving under the influence stories which changed the lives of victims completely. So, go ahead and keep reading.

Now a computer is my voice

In the list of driving under the influence stories, it’s the story of Sean Carter. He lost his ability to speak and walk more than 15 years ago when he was a college student. He went out drinking with his friend. He knew that he couldn’t drive in that condition, but nobody was there to take him home. Without planning a sober ride, the drunk driver collided with the truck, leaving Sean with terrible brain damage and making him unable to talk and walk.

“As his caretaker, I affect the implications of that unhealthy call, too. Families and people have to be compelled to understand that opting to drink and drive will have lasting, life-altering effects that transcend simply  the individuals directly concerned within the crash.”

Driving under the influence kills

Driving under the influence kills

Another narrative I want to add in driving under the influence stories is Brandon’s story. Brandon was a 21-year-old boy when he got a horrifying traumatic brain injury in a motor vehicle accident in 2001. He was a strong, young, and healthy man with a bright vision. One terrible moment changed his life dramatically. He had been drinking and opted to ride his car, which followed a life turning event. The consequences of that wrong decision not only kill his best friend but took his life too.

For the last 18 years since his collision, Brandon has been fighting with severe challenges. Then the time has come to rest. On January 21, 2019, Brandon took his last breath and went to paradise. The place where he could be free again and run alone, leaving his team after six years of his first full marathon. It is one of the saddest driving under the influence stories.

A night out turned black; a true driving under the influence story

When Christine Alexander set out to drive his vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration level of 0.14, he got a severe car crash. Christine crashed her car into her boyfriend, who was ahead of her on his bicycle. He flew 65′ into the air, bumped onto her windshield, and landed on the footpath. It led to her boyfriend’s death.

After spending 120 days in a women’s rehabilitation facility and five years probation, Christine made it her goal to tell her story to show people the terrifying reality of drunk driving. She is currently a professional speaker on the hazards of drugs and alcohol to serve others to avoid the incidents she has had.

A drunk teenage driver was arrested for causing the death of a couple

A drunk teenage driver was arrested for causing the death of a couple

A teenage driver caused the death of a couple while driving over the speed limit. As per the witnesses, the crash between the two vehicles was so extreme that the couple’s car lost control and flew about six feet in the air.

It was an unpleasant Thursday for the citizens of Hillsborough who witnessed a terrifying vehicle crash. The event concerned a teen and an elderly couple. The boy was later suspected of being under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

There has presently been a stirring expansion in cases involving drivers being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Every day, news studios are filled with news stories from all over the world involving devastating accident reports. The primary cause for these accidents involves negligence on the part of the driver due to alcohol and drugs.

According to the report, the teen was riding a mini Ford pickup truck which he was his friend’s. While on the main road, he exceeded the speed limit of 55 miles an hour by about 35 to 45 miles an hour, creating a risk to the oncoming traffic. Owing to the teen’s inability to keep the truck under control, his vehicle crashed with an oncoming car.

This accident led to the loss of the elderly couple, who were driving at the specified speed limit. The incident threw the couple from the vehicle, which ended up six feet away from where the crash happened. The couple died at the spot. The car driven by the young boy lost traction and hit the railing on the road’s left side, causing the truck to overturn and lead to severe injuries to the driver.

The police uttered that the young boy was under the influence of a heavy dose of synthetic drugs and that his blood alcohol concentration was much above the legal limit.

Due to this terrible crash, the main city road was closed for about four hours.

Landscaping the road while drunk

For some basis, people seem to enjoy driving extensive farming tools while under the influence. A Minnesota man got his ninth driving while intoxicated (DWI) fine while riding his lawnmower with a drunk mind containing the alcoholic mass of 0.28. He already lost his driving license to one of his DWI charges, so he considered that he would be charged using his lawnmower as the primary transportation mode. He was charged with DWI and driving without a license.

Warning: if you don’t have a driving license, you should not drive; otherwise, you can be changed heavily.

Driving under the influence stories; a horrifying DUI story

Australia has motorized coolers called “Eskies.” They usually take a typical drink cooler and add a set of wheels, handlebars, and a motor, making a convenient drink conveyance source. Naturally, mastermind inventions often work as planned. A man in Perth, Australia, marked to take his Eskey at night. This took out police attention, as the coolers in Eskey don’t have any lighting and are dangerous to drive at night.

On top of that, he was riding in a bike lane, the spot where you are never allowed to drive a motorized vehicle. When police caught him, they found that the cooler was full of wine, bourbon, and beer drinks, causing him to receive a DUI fine. We all know that you can drive under the influence, but nobody knows you could drive on the top of the influence?

Prevention measures

Prevention Measures

Driving under the influence stories signifies that all the accidents as mentioned above are caused by negligence. So, instead of letting yourself driving  if drinking, here are some other choices:

  • Stay at home
  • Hire a can or ride service
  • Depute a sober driver
  • Take a mass transit

Final words

Driving under the influence stories demonstrates how some people destroy their lives because of minor mistakes. You can protect yourself by never driving after drinking any quantity of alcohol. Your abilities are impaired even when your blood alcohol level is under the specified legal limit.

Consequently, If you are taking any synthetic or prescribed drugs, it is better to avoid driving after taking a dose. Don’t be one of these driving under the influence stories. The laws are defined to avoid potentially risky situations that are far worse than a DWI or DUI conviction.

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