Did you get into an accident and now need help from a drunk driving accident lawyer? Are you injured due to a DUI driver and need legal representation?

Drivers who drive under the influence of alcohol or other drugs are committing an illegal act. Because of this situation, the driver is not only putting themselves in danger but also the lives of people around them.

However, there are situations where the driver is not guilty or perhaps they are under prescription medication. In situations like these, the verdict can be swayed both ways, but having an expert drunk driving accident lawyer on your side can protect your legal rights and ensure your freedom.

Drunk Driving Laws In Minnesota

Drunk Driving Laws In Minnesota

Drunk driving is considered legal across the United States, but the punishment depends on the state you’re in.

In Minnesota, the legal alcohol consumption level is BAC 0.08, but motorists can be arrested at lower levels. In Minnesota, alcohol-related crashes account for almost 30% of all traffic deaths in the state.

The state has introduced ignition interlock to prevent alcohol-related accidents on the road and enhance road safety. The ignition is a way for DUI offenders to get back on the road without increasing the risk of accidents for other citizens.

The ignition device is installed in the vehicle and connected to the ignition. To start the car, users must blow into the device, and if their BAC levels are lower than 0.02, the car will start.

Fines vary depending on the offense, and you may have to pay a fine, do jail time, or even both. But what is really concerning is the aftermath of a DUI, which can negatively impact career opportunities and driving privileges.

What Types Of Cases Do Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers Handle?

The DUI accident attorneys handle different cases, such as:

  • Cases of criminal nature
  • Personal injury cases
  • Traffic offense cases

Remember the fact that every case is unique. Whether you’re the DUI driver or the victim suffering injuries from a DUI accident, a DUI attorney and their team will be there to help with your case.

How Can A Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer Help Me?

Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

There are several ways a drunk driving accident lawyer can help you with your DUI accident if you’re a DUI driver.

Handling DUI Charges

When a person is arrested for DUI, they are taken into custody for further interrogation and investigation. In such situations, it is best to be ready and have a DUI accident attorney assist you during this stage. The lawyer can also start to collect evidence in your favor, and if the case goes to trial, they will have the necessary evidence to refute the prosecutor’s evidence.

Avoiding Conviction

A DUI accident attorney can help a driver suspected of DUI avoid conviction. The lawyer can take the case to trial, but the typical route is via a plea bargain. However, there are several compromises the defendant may have to make to open the doors of negotiation for a plea bargain. A drunk driving accident lawyer will be better able to guide them through this process and help them understand whether a plea bargain would be useful to them.

Defending Against Charges

The most important task of a DUI accident attorney is to defend the charges against their client. A drunk driving accident lawyer can use witnesses and evidence to refute any claims made against their client. The lawyer will ensure all the details and evidence are presented in court and will also communicate with the opposing lawyer on anything important.

During the initial consultation with the DUI accident attorney, the lawyer will let the client know of the legal proceedings, their opinion on the case, and how to move forward in court. If there is not enough evidence for a conviction, there is a high chance that the attorney can have the case dropped or reduce the penalties faced.

If the BAC is slightly above the 0.08 level, the drunk driving accident lawyer can also use this to refute these tests. It is important to note that the field sobriety test is negatively impacted by ear problems, footwear, or literacy problems. The charging officer may be new on duty and have used the breathalyzer improperly, affecting the BAC scores.

Help Face Other Factors

Other factors can increase the penalties and consequences of a DUI accident, such as an injured victim or property damage. In such situations, the injured victim would want compensation for their loss, and they would go after the DUI driver. Property damage, serious injuries, or even death could convert your misdemeanor charges into a felony.

Accidents can occur for multiple reasons. Perhaps, they were also at fault for the DUI accident. A DUI accident attorney could help refute these charges and protect your legal rights.

Should You Hire A Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer?

Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

At times, a DUI is a straightforward case where the DUI driver faces serious consequences. However, sometimes, they might be innocent. Whether or not you’re guilty or innocent, you may benefit from the services of a DUI accident attorney in certain situations.

If you are going to plead guilty, then there is no point in reaching out to an attorney as you’re going to get the same results if you were to represent yourself.

Here are some of the situations you might consider hiring a drunk driving accident lawyer:

  • Getting an opinion about the case.
  • Negotiating a plea bargain.
  • Create a strong defense.
  • If you are a second offender.
  • If you have aggravated charges against you.

We’ve discussed DUI accident attorneys for DUI drivers, but what about victims? If you are a victim of a drunk driving accident and have suffered serious injuries, you may be entitled to compensation. A DUI accident attorney can listen to your case, investigate the facts, protect your rights, and get you the compensation you deserve to move on with your life.

When Should You Hire A Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer As A Victim?

Drunk driving accident attorneys are not only important for the drunk driver but also for the injured party.

DUI accident attorneys are hired when drunk drivers are involved in an accident or collision due to their negligence, which needs to be sorted out immediately. A minor crash or little damage will also force you to hire an attorney who will defend and represent you in court.

The accident site will have all the evidence an attorney needs to fight your case. Hiring an attorney right after the accident will increase your chances of securing compensation. Remember, the other party may also have investigators and teams working to help them clear the charges. The sooner you hire an attorney, the better.

The attorney will negotiate with the insurance company to further decide whether you are or are not entitled to compensatory or punitive damages. It is advised that you consult and hire a professional DUI accident attorney that has specialized in solving issues related to drunk driving accidents.

Plus, they must also have experience in dealing with and engaging insurance companies. But one thing to keep in mind is that you must discuss everything with your legal attorney about the accident. You should also discuss the details of the accident and the damage that has been caused due to the impairment of the driver.

Choosing the right DUI accident attorney will help you design different winning legal strategies for your case that will enable you to win.

There are multiple DUI, criminal, and defense attorneys available that are associated with different law firms who are constantly striving to maintain the law, stay up on the law, and sharpen their advocacy skills, especially in the courtroom.

They are also trained enough to make claims from all angles related to the case, certainly achieving the best possible outcome in your case. They can gather resources and solve your case with firm evidence and facts.

How Important Is Hiring A Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer?

Being jailed

It is considered important in different developed states to hire the right person to deal with issues like drunk driving accidents that might result in various injuries. Plus, it is a good way to hire a DUI lawyer to solve your case and represent you in court. A drunk driving attorney has a lot of experience handling insurers and their dirty tactics.

Certain personal injury attorneys offer a free consultation to their clients when it comes to solving drunk driving accident-related issues or other personal issues. But the best thing you can do is to tell your lawyer everything. Every detail should be discussed and notified.

You can be asked some legal questions once you hire a DUI accident attorney for your case. Therefore, you should make sure that you are sound and clear. Your attorney will also tell you about the seriousness of the issue because getting behind the wheel while being intoxicated is not a fair game. Many unfortunate events take place due to the irresponsible attitude of those who want to have fun being drunk while driving.

When such a situation comes your way, you should understand that you could be in great danger. Therefore, it is a good option to hire an expert advisor who will guide you through and about it in a technical way. These are considered delicate and sensitive issues that need professional handling and professional guidance to get you properly through the whole procedure. Otherwise, allegations can be very severe.

Drunk driving accident lawyers are also hired to answer a few crucial questions, such as:

  • Charges and penalties
  • Liability
  • Insurance
  • Bill coverage
  • Suffering and other damage compensation
  • Compensation for emotional pain

All these questions will be answered by professional drunk driving lawyers, particularly depending on the circumstances and the attorney’s requirements.

To be on the safe side, the driver should have a few snaps and other relevant evidence that can be shown in the courtroom for the defense. Additional information is also required as per the instructions of the attorneys. Hence, it proves that in these cases and issues, having an attorney by your side will be quite beneficial.

To build a strong case, an attorney needs to be very decisive and critical about certain factors and points. An attorney should never miss any detail that is important for the case, and make sure your lawyer is highly qualified, well-trained, and experienced.


Verdict: Should You Hire A DUI attorney?

Regardless of whether you are the DUI driver or the victim, it is very important to hire a DUI accident attorney to protect your legal rights and fight for you in court. DUI attorneys understand the law and the complications associated with DUI cases.

A drunk driving accident lawyer can protect you from hefty fines and charges if you’re a DUI driver, or they can protect you financially by recovering compensation if you’re the victim of a DUI accident.

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