You may find yourself in a situation where you end up in a hospital due to an accident caused by drunk driving and don’t know whether or not you’ve got a DUI. Or you were stopped by an officer, taken chemical samples, and let go without any further notice, what do you do next? In such cases, if you’re wondering how do I know if I got a DUI then read on as we go through some of the ways you can find out if you’ve got a DUI.

How do I know if I got a DUI?

So if you’re not sure if you’ve got a DUI or there is a DUI charge on your record, then there are a couple of ways you can find out.

Contact state police

State police have access to a criminal history service agency which can help identify your criminal record for a fee. Contact your local police and ask them the details for any of these criminal history service agencies. Every agency has its compliance as some will ask you to fill a request form online while others might require you to visit them in person. Provide correct personal information as any errors in the information (Spellings or incorrect information) can cause delays or even a rejection.

Once you’ve furnished the right information, it’s time to pay for the services. If you’re requesting information online then you would need to pay via credit card, however, if you’re going to request in person then make sure you have the exact change available as government offices do not accept any other mode of payment besides cash.

We do recommend allowing some time for the agency to get back to you. The duration depends on your profile and criminal history. You will receive a report at your doorstep through the mail. So, if you’re still wondering how do I know if I got a DUI, then this report is your answer. Scan the report for the letters “DUI”. If it’s not present in the report, then there is no DUI on your record.


If you’re pulled over for a DUI, been asked to pay a fine, and still wondering how do I know if I got a DUI then consider that fine as a notice that you’ve got a DUI. When an officer asks you to deposit a fine, that means you’ve been charged with a crime. A first-time DUI in certain states is punishable by a fine while in other states you may be asked to spend a night in prison before paying the bail amount.

Temporary license

If your original driver’s license has been taken away and you’ve been given a pink temporary license, then you might have to face proceedings with the DMV later on which could result in a potential suspension of your license. This should answer your question of how do I know if I got a DUI. If that is the case, then you might have gotten a DUI as officers do not take your license away unless you were drunk driving or potential harm to others around you.

Wait patiently

If you’re one of those people that is afraid of asking around then we do suggest waiting. If you were in a situation where you were drunk driving and not sure if you got a DUI or not, then waiting patiently is one of your best bets to find out. Usually, the court takes about a few weeks to a month or so to send a letter to resident’s homes if they were charged with a DUI. The letter will state the date and time of your court hearing which you will have to attend to find out the verdict of your case. If you don’t receive a letter in a few weeks, take a sigh of relief and know that you haven’t been charged with a DUI (for whatever reason it may be).

So, if you’re charged with a DUI, then what? Let’s look at some of the possible things that might happen if it was your first time DUI offense.

First time DUI: Consequences

We do keep mentioning over and over again, every state has its laws on DUI and it may be in your benefit to know your state laws and find out what’s in store for you if you’ve been charged with a DUI. However, here are some of the consequences of a first time DUI.

Temporary license suspension

Certain states will suspend your license for a minimum of 180 days while others even more. The outcome in court will determine whether or not you get your license back. Until then, you can request a hardship license that would only allow you to travel to and from work. If you’re caught traveling to any destination other than your work, you might face even more severe punishments.


You’ll be fined for your first time offense with fines averaging at $6,500. The fines vary from state to state and do not even account for the loss in income faced. This can be a hefty burden on a young college student or those recently joining the workforce.


You might even be asked to attend DUI education classes, an alcoholic rehab center, driving lessons, and more. This is an extra expense that needs to be paid from your pocket on top of the fines and bails. With the punishments piling, you might slowly start to think that a first-time offense DUI can run you in the thousands of dollars.

Auto insurance premium

Since your criminal history will now show a DUI, this increases the risk associated with providing you insurance for insurance companies. Hence, you might also face an increased auto insurance premium. Many don’t think about this but a DUI can stay on one’s record for a long time and therefore the chances of a reduced insurance premium in the future are slim.

Find out more in the site if you could be charged with a DUI without evidence. There are ways you can avoid getting a DUI or a minimal punishment for your DUI by contacting a DUI attorney to look into your case.

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