Talk with people and you will see that COVID-19 has resulted in many people no longer having a job. Millions of people have been pushed into unemployment by the pandemic and apart from this, for some people, there are also jobs you can’t get with a DUI.

People who hear that someone can’t get a job because of a DUI against them, have no sympathy towards them when they know of others clinging desperately to the jobs they have.

All states in the United States have very strict charges in place against DUI, and St Paul Minnesota is no exception. The impact of a DUI on your life can be devastating. If you have a family, even more so, because not only are you putting your own life at risk but others as well. Besides, there are a number of jobs you can’t get with a DUI, but a lot depends on the nature of your crime as well as the laws in your specific area, but the truth is you must be prepared to be banned completely from certain jobs.

For starters, most people charged with a DUI face these employment consequences. Why should any job looking for good workers take somebody with a DUI against their name, when there are other workers to consider? If you are looking for a job as a driver for a company, a DUI can restrict your ability to drive.

Other jobs you can’t get with a DUI

jobs you can't get with a dui

Certainly, if you want to be a driver, you would not be able to get employment in this field, Also, employers for some positions will look at a DUI as a red flag, particularly if you are looking for a job where you work with children. Nursery school teachers and teachers in general can provide you with many obstacles if you have a DUI on your name.

Some jobs require trusted, responsible people

Certainly, working in law enforcement or healthcare can give a person access to private information as well as drugs in the healthcare industry, and for these reasons, these are jobs you can’t get with a DUI as they are allocated to people who are seen to be more reliable and trustworthy.

There are a number of companies where confidentiality is an important element, and they have policies to not hire anyone with any kind of criminal record. Also, getting into the military might prove all but impossible.

With a DUI conviction, very few employers will want to bother with you, when there are so many other people clamoring for a job. If you wanted to be a pilot, for instance, you can imagine that they will be reluctant to put somebody with a DUI record in their very expensive aircraft and full of innocent passengers or expensive cargo.

Even retail comes with issues

The reason for this is that there are some retail jobs that sell alcohol and pharmaceuticals and a DUI on your name can let them know that you can’t be trusted around drugs and alcohol.

Having a DUI on your name can impact your job search in other ways too. Not only can you forget applying for a driver’s job, but you can actually lose your driver’s license for a certain period, and nobody wants to hire someone who has issues with getting to their job in the first place.

There are many jobs these days that first want to do a background check on the people who apply for their positions before hiring anyone.

Try and change things for yourself

While there are jobs you can’t get with a DUI, it does not have to spell eternal doom and gloom. If you have seriously learned from your mistakes, then you need not suffer unnecessarily. You can take steps to lessen these dreadful consequences by roping in the services of reputable DUI lawyers.

These lawyers specialize in these driving-under-the-influence cases and they are well acquainted with all the laws associated with a DUI.

jobs you can't get with a dui

They know how a DUI conviction can be so life-altering as to cause you to lose a job, not be able to get a job, alter relationships negatively, and generally keep you out of the general flow of life.

A competent DUI attorney that will be willing to represent you, is seriously your best chance of avoiding a conviction and an inferior life.  They are the only ones really that can help you towards getting a job in these already difficult economic times.

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