It seems that wherever you go these days, there is a steady increase in drunk driving arrests. Peace and quiet on the roads may have reigned for a while with COVID-19, but with lockdown restrictions being lifted, people seem to be making up for the lost time.

Telling motorists to exercise caution with drinking and driving is like talking to fresh air and in spite of all the warnings, there is an increase in collisions as well as fatalities.

In St. Paul, Minnesota, it’s the same as everywhere else and motorists who break the law will continue to be brought to book.

Many Deaths Linked to Drunk Driving

Drunk driving, where a person drives a car with a blood-alcohol level in excess of the legal limit – 0.08% – is illegal. In spite of this, just this year, 2020, Minnesota DUI has seen some 16,467 drivers arrested.

Yes, it’s down from last year’s figures, but we’ve had the pandemic keeping the figures down. In the state, nearly 1 out of every 4 deaths on the roads are linked to drunk driving.

Drinking while under the influence, or DWI can lead to a driver losing their license, throwing away lots of money in fees and even the possibility of jail time. Repeat offenders have also become familiar with ignition interlock to regain driving privileges.

With all this drinking and driving going on in Minnesota, it is hard to believe that Minnesota DUI has some of the strictest DUI laws. In Minnesota, there are 4 different levels of DWI-related charges and each of these levels has different penalties.

There’s a lot of hassle involved when you’re caught drinking and driving, and it can be harrowing facing your boss when part of your job is to drive a work-vehicle, and now your license has been revoked.

You just make matters worse too when you resist police efforts when they’re making the arrest. You’re guilty after all and left to your own device on the roads, could have killed someone. Fighting off the police could just lead to more criminal charges.

Be Informed

If you are caught driving under the influence in Minnesota, you’ll want to check out because you can gather heaps of information about how being charged with a criminal offenSe can be life-changing for you, You’re going to need legal help. You dare not proceed without the help of a legal expert.

In Minnesota, if you’re charged with a DWI, you have the right to legal representation. Minnesota DUI is so complex that it’s next to impossible trying to go it alone.

Being charged with a DWI or DUI will see you facing different types of penalties, and the gravity of these penalties can increase when there are other factors involved. These are having a child in the car or a record of prior DWI offenses in the past 10 years.

The best DUI lawyers in Minnesota DUI at least help you understand a little bit about your charge, and they present the different options to you. The lawyer can ensure that your rights are protected and that your case is handled properly.

A DUI is Part of your Criminal Record

Apart from fines etc. there are also other consequences for a DWI that you may not even have dreamed of. The state of Minnesota can actually seize your vehicle and permanently remove it from you.

The state may forfeit your vehicle on a second offense in a 10 year period if your blood alcohol count on a second offense is .16 or higher. Also, a DWI conviction is part of your criminal record, so imagine it showing up when they do background checks when you apply for a loan or for a new job?

Get an Experienced DUI Lawyer

When it comes to choosing the best Minnesota DUI lawyers, it’s not a case of eeny meeny miny moe, and choosing one like that, but rather doing thorough research and picking out the best one that can actually help you.

It can be to your benefit to choose an established law firm that is used to defending individuals charged with criminal offenses and who would otherwise not stand a chance. The best law firms with such a case need to have decades of experience and have already litigated and negotiated many criminal cases, building up an exceptional reputation. This is the kind of help you need.

Being caught drinking and driving in Minnesota DUI can change your life. With fines, incarceration and suspension of license, without the experienced, aggressive defense of an excellent Minnesota lawyer, you may never be able to get back up onto your two feet again.

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