What happens when you report a drunk driver is that if you phone 911, they will direct your call to the traffic offices who will respond to the information and arrest the drunk driver.

Should you report a drunk driver?

As children we were told not to tell tales to others, but what happens when you are an adult and you see something that is so obviously wrong? Do you turn a blind eye or is it actually your duty to report it? What happens when you report a drunk driver for instance?

You will need to because left to their own devices, they could kill innocent people. Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs affects their behavior and their decision-making, and they do not only endanger their own lives but that of others as well.

If you are driving and you witness someone driving as if they are drunk, you will no doubt have 911 added to your cell phone and you can simply use your phone to report the driver. This would not only be in the best interest of the driver, but also of many other innocent lives.

What happens when you report a drunk driver?

You can always tell a drunk driver – they are swerving all over the road, they are constantly braking, they drive on the wrong side of the road and they ignore all traffic signals. These and other tell-tale signs are a giveaway that the driver is drunk.

Thousands of innocent people killed

Every year drunk drivers and those on drugs kill thousands of innocent people and by you reporting a drunk driver, you will possibly be saving someone’s life. What happens when you report a drunk driver who is a friend of yours or even a family member is the same as when you report a stranger.

Friends or family can also cause havoc on the roads, and if they do not want to take your advice to not drink and drive, they will also need to be reported. They should be reported immediately.

If the traffic officers discover that your- and their suspicions of alcohol or drug use were proved right, they may well have conducted a sobriety test, failing which the driver will be arrested and their vehicle impounded.

You can remain anonymous

But what happens when you report a drunk driver? Will they know it was you that reported them and will they take revenge for your actions? You might have a hunch about someone drinking and driving but law enforcement will confirm it and keep you anonymous. Certainly, if you would prefer to be anonymous, you are not required to provide your name.

There will be consequences for your actions

If you feel the need to report a drunk driver, you can call 911. The operator will want you to give them a description of what you have witnessed and what the vehicle looked like, its registration number, the color of the car, and its location. The operator will direct your report to the appropriate law enforcement people.

Traffic officers from Minnesota and all over the United States have a lot of success with arresting drunk drivers from the tip-offs they receive.

You will need a Lawyer

But what if you are one of these very drivers who was arrested because somebody reported your haphazard driving? Your life can be entirely ruined and one of the first things you should do is be in touch with a DWI lawyer.

Then again, you may be the victim of a drunk driving accident and have been injured. Then, the best DUI lawyer in Minnesota can fight for you, whatever the case, and get you a lighter sentence or in the case of where you were the injured one, the best compensation you deserve.

You may have been lucky to have escaped being caught but now your day has come and you have been caught. Being found guilty of drunk driving in Minnesota can see you facing jail time and you will also be liable for fines plus your driver’s license can be suspended.

Maybe you will have a criminal record against your name and this can have serious ramifications for you and you could lose your job.

 Voice your opinion

What happens when you report a drunk driver in Minnesota is much the same as in the other states. The people of Minnesota need to acknowledge that drinking and driving are socially unacceptable and to voice their opinions in no uncertain terms.

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