Having a DUI charge on a driver’s record can be a life altering experience, but a clean driving record comes with a host of benefits – from keeping your insurance rates lower to avoiding paying fines to steering clear of jail and it also has health benefits. You can avoid a lot of stress in your life by making sure that with a DUI charge on a driver’s record, this is not your lot.

With a DUI charge on a driver’s record, even if you do manage to get it expunged with the best lawyer in St Paul, it will cost you time, money and inconvenience and the consequences of it remain with you in one way or another for a long time. For the benefit of one and all, it is always important not to mix drink and driving. But if you been charged already, here is what you can do.

Impact of a DUI charge

All your driving vices are listed

Your driving history has information on traffic tickets you have collected – in fact, all your driving vices – fines, suspensions and revocations. If you have had any substance abuse, information about that will be there too as well as any traffic violations.

For many, it is unfortunate that insurance companies use this driving history as a guide on the future behavior of a driver. They work out insurance rates on this and a driver with traffic offences has a higher insurance rate to pay.

Certainly, having a clean driving record is imperative if you have a driving job. Most employers view a person’s driving record as something that indicates how responsible a person is.

Do Not venture getting behind the wheel

Many people do not realize that with a DUI charge on a driver’s record, they are embarking on a difficult journey when they recklessly drink knowing full well that they will be getting behind the wheel. Minnesota sets out the legal limits and prohibitions for driving whilst under the influence.

Nobody can drive or occupy the driver’s seat of a motor vehicle if their blood alcohol content is over the legal limit. In Minnesota, driving with an alcohol-concentration of 0.08 or more spells trouble, but it is quite possible to be arrested when it is lower as well.

Alcohol slows reaction time and affects your driving ability. With a DUI charge on a driver’s record you are guilty of driving while under the influence of liquor or drugs or driving while the concentration of alcohol in your blood is over the specified limit.

DUI has far-reaching consequences

Official roadblocks are used by the police so as to discourage people from driving while under the influence. A BAC of .08 or more means you losing your driving privileges for a period of time. In fact, if you get a DUI or DWI citation, the consequences go beyond getting a fine and making court appearances.

Such an offense can be a permanent mark on your driving record in Minnesota.

With such a mark on your driving record and on your name, how does anyone get on in life? Wherever you go looking for a job or for credit and they do background checks, you are going to have trouble. It sums up the kind of person you are, and when you come up against others applying for a job, with such a mark on your driving record, you can wave the job opportunity goodbye.

Get your records expunged

Until 2015, judges were not able to expunge criminal records such as DUIs, but now there are new laws that make it easier for people with such a mark on their driving record to get their records expunged.

Then it will be important to get a top-notch DWI expungement attorney to help you with petitioning the court as the expungement of a DUI is a difficult thing to get.

The process dealing with can require a lot of money, and then the DUI can still have a negative impact on your life.

The only way forward is with a reputable lawyer

If you are arrested for a DUI, it is most important to contact an experienced DUI attorney in St Paul Minnesota to discuss your DUI case. You can then discover what can be done to prevent a DUI from entirely wrecking your life.

With a dui charge on a driver’s record, it can spell disaster for you. The best way forward for you is to simply put the whole mess into the capable hands of an experienced lawyer in St Paul and let them work things out for you – it is all you can do really.

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