People think that a suspended- and revoked license are one and the same. They are both to be avoided at all costs, but a revoked license is the worst of the two. The reason for this is that a driver license suspension is temporary while a revoked license is permanent. Getting caught driving with a suspended license can lead to a revoked license.

In Minnesota, your driver license may be suspended for a long enough time to wreck your life. Your only hope is to get hold of a reputable Minnesota lawyer who can help with avoiding the scourge of a license suspension.

All About your license being revoked

Some reasons your driver license may be revoked

Your driver license may be suspended for any number of reasons. Just some of the reasons are –

  • Your court-ordered child support has not been paid
  • Failing to pay a judgment against you in connection with your vehicle
  • Buying alcohol with a fake ID when you are still a minor
  • Failing to report a medical condition that could mean a cancellation of driving privileges
  • Driving and drinking when you are under age

Definite and Indefinite Suspensions

When you have a suspended license, you are not allowed to legally drive. There are two kinds of a suspended license, and they are definite and the other is indefinite.

Under some circumstances, a limited license is issued to a person whose driving privileges are suspended.

Before a limited license is issued, some requirements must be met and this includes completion of mandatory waiting periods. If you are issued a limited license, you are restricted in a number of ways.

In some cases your limited license allows you to get yourself to work. You should be thankful for this as it is indeed a far better option than a license revocation as it at least gives you the chance to continue with work and to earn.

An indefinite suspension does not have a certain date, remaining suspended until you pay a fine. Your driver license may be suspended for a while because if you have a number of indefinite suspension notations on your license, you have got to respond to each of the courts where you have outstanding tickets.

It can be terrible having your license suspended in Minnesota because what happens if you have a job that requires you to drive for them? Surely you will lose your job as you are quite frankly, useless to them without a license.

Some people become so desperate, they take a chance and drive while their license is suspended. It is illegal to drive while your license is suspended and doing so and being caught will simply pile on a new lot of crimes to your name.

Your vehicle can possibly be seized too

The suspension of your driver’s license can wreck your life. This is because the state can also impound your license plates and possibly also seize your vehicle. Before your license is returned, a suspension termination fee will need to be paid.

Not all suspension periods are the same. There are different lengths of a suspension according to different kinds of DWI for instance. Your first offense can get you a 90-day suspension. If you have a minor in your car at the time you were caught while drinking and driving you can see yourself getting a 1-year suspension.

A DWI within 10 years of a conviction can get you up to a 2-year suspension. You can get 6 years for a 5th offense. In some cases, you may be required to redo your road test and written exam so as to get your license reinstated.

Before you get your license back, you may be instructed to get an ignition interlock device installed to measure the level of alcohol in your breath.

 A reputable lawyer is your only hope

Your driver license may be suspended for a DUI or DWI charge and if you are facing the terrible possibility of losing your license because of these charges or something else, the only light for you at the end of a dark tunnel is a license suspension lawyer. An experienced lawyer is the only person who may be able to help you out of this dire situation.

The good news is that St Paul has some reliable lawyers who can do all it takes to ensure you keep your license, your job and your relationships, because being without a license is enough to ruin everything you have built up.

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